Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ups and downs...

Well, I weighed in yesterday(Friday). I had lost another 3 pounds! That makes the total 18.5 pounds since Jan. 4th. I feel kinda blah about it though. While I still have the passion and drive to keep going, I feel a tad let down that it was only 3. I know that there will be ups and downs, and I figure I didn't lose more 'cuz I didn't walk for a week. I made up for it Thursday-at lunch, George Flickinger and I walked the track that is near my work. We clocked 1.25 miles! That was more than I had walked at one time in many years! My foot hurt the rest of the day though. Then, after supper, Stenton, Chrissy, Michelle and I went to the rec center and walked another mile! Total distance Thursday=2.25 miles!! That might not seem like much for you, but it is a HUGE milestone for me!!
Friday I didn't walk in order to rest my foot. Go and google sesamoiditis and you'll understand about my foot. I will walk today. In fact, I might do another 2 miles. I cannot let my foot be an excuse for me not walking! I am also waiting anxiously on my bike that my good friend George is getting outfitted for me. Can't wait!!!

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