Friday, February 25, 2011

Small victories...

Let me first say that I am sorry for the lack of updates. Life is busy but I still need to keep all my followers up to date (thanks, Mom!). I have had some ups and downs, the most disappointing was last week when I weighed in I had gained 1.5 pounds! It was after two record-breaking snowfalls here in Oklahoma that pretty much stopped everything for those two weeks, including my exercise routine (if you want to call it a routine). My diet has also gone downhill as I have eaten several fast food meals but I stuck to my guns on the no french fries thing and the no soda thing. So, I believe it’s time for a little re-focus….

I have been riding my new bicycle that my awesome friend George Flickinger gave me as well. I rode to church one time-about died in the process! I just ride it once every few days around the block-about a mile. So, I have still been exercising….just need to take it to the next level…haven’t been feeling enough burn!

So, I stepped onto the fat man scale this morning fully expecting bad news. To my delight, it said that I had lost 3 pounds! I had to step off then on again to make sure. That brings my total loss to 33.5 pounds since starting my journey on January 4th! Woohoo me!

I have to share something else, though….last Sunday while driving I experienced a pain that I had never felt before. I almost had to pull over and stop! It was a severe abdominal pain that started right below my breastbone and radiated around to my back. At first I thought it was gas or stomach cramps but I have experienced those pains before and this was different. The pain subsided after about ten minutes and I went about my business….
I have experienced this weird pain a few more times during the week until last night. Then I felt the pain start again. This time it was worse. I couldn’t get comfortable. The pain was pretty severe so I decided to lie down in bed. No relief and I pondered going to the ER to get checked out. I thought to myself, is this a heart attack? I thought it may have been heartburn-haven’t ever had much problems with that so I guessed that was it. As I lay in bed I silently prayed and asked the Lord to help me with the pain and it went away-lasted about 30 minutes this time. Hmm…..