Friday, April 1, 2011

Hey everyone! Come on out tomorrow to the inaugural 2WalksforYou walk at the Riverwest walk. I will be there walking and it starts at 11:00AM! See you there!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Been a month since....

Wow, last entry is Feb. 25th. Sorry, I have been totally busy! I do bring you good news! As of last Friday, I have lost 39 pounds! I now weigh 416 pounds down from 455 on January 4th! Still walking and riding my awesome bicycle! You probably will see more timely updates on Facebook-look me up!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Small victories...

Let me first say that I am sorry for the lack of updates. Life is busy but I still need to keep all my followers up to date (thanks, Mom!). I have had some ups and downs, the most disappointing was last week when I weighed in I had gained 1.5 pounds! It was after two record-breaking snowfalls here in Oklahoma that pretty much stopped everything for those two weeks, including my exercise routine (if you want to call it a routine). My diet has also gone downhill as I have eaten several fast food meals but I stuck to my guns on the no french fries thing and the no soda thing. So, I believe it’s time for a little re-focus….

I have been riding my new bicycle that my awesome friend George Flickinger gave me as well. I rode to church one time-about died in the process! I just ride it once every few days around the block-about a mile. So, I have still been exercising….just need to take it to the next level…haven’t been feeling enough burn!

So, I stepped onto the fat man scale this morning fully expecting bad news. To my delight, it said that I had lost 3 pounds! I had to step off then on again to make sure. That brings my total loss to 33.5 pounds since starting my journey on January 4th! Woohoo me!

I have to share something else, though….last Sunday while driving I experienced a pain that I had never felt before. I almost had to pull over and stop! It was a severe abdominal pain that started right below my breastbone and radiated around to my back. At first I thought it was gas or stomach cramps but I have experienced those pains before and this was different. The pain subsided after about ten minutes and I went about my business….
I have experienced this weird pain a few more times during the week until last night. Then I felt the pain start again. This time it was worse. I couldn’t get comfortable. The pain was pretty severe so I decided to lie down in bed. No relief and I pondered going to the ER to get checked out. I thought to myself, is this a heart attack? I thought it may have been heartburn-haven’t ever had much problems with that so I guessed that was it. As I lay in bed I silently prayed and asked the Lord to help me with the pain and it went away-lasted about 30 minutes this time. Hmm…..

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blown Away...

Blown away is my term of the week. I am so very blessed to have friends that are rooting for me and concerned for my health. I want to share a story about one of my good friends and his great big heart.

As my journey to lose weight…err…change my life began earlier, I was visiting with good friend George Flickinger about the weather. George is one of the meteorologists at KJRH-channel 2 in Tulsa. It was earlier this month that I spoke of getting out and walking and changing my diet in order to lose weight. George was genuinely interested in this and wanted to help. I said sure, I could use a friend, trainer and accountability partner. To my delight, he told me that he could and would do that. Now, granted, George is not a formal trainer, but he is fit and very healthy and loves bicycling. George said that he wanted to walk with me during my lunchtime at work. There is a walking track less that a mile from my workplace that I have had my eye on for some time. We discussed back and forth ways for me to get in shape. Walking is excellent and that’s where we started.

My first walk at the track was solo. I was too embarrassed to have anybody walk with me but I made it around the track-barely. It is almost 1.5 miles around the track and you have to realize that I have been almost completely sedentary for many years. A couple of days later George met me at the track. We walked while he talked and I panted. I jokingly raised the idea of bicycling after reading about a man’s journey on a bike. His starting weight was in the fives! George said I have a bike for you, Jeff. I was shocked. I asked him if he thought it was heavy-duty enough for me and he said that he would take it to the bike shop to let them have a look at it. I was like, you would do that for me?? He said that he would love to.

Now for the blown away part……
During another conversation, I asked where the bike came from. I noticed that George was a tad hesitant on answering me. He slowly told me the story of how he got the bike. I could sense the emotion as he told me how he had acquired the bike. Read about George’s bicycle story below...


Tears dried up yet? I’ll admit, when I heard of the history associated with the Cannondale and George’s willingness to trust me with this prized possession, I cried too.

I am still in awe at the generosity of this fella named George. I am in awe as well at the countless emails, text messages, Facebook messages, etc. that I have received. You guys rock! I know that I am doing this for myself, but I am motivated by the benefits of a longer life, feeling great, and all of you, my friends. Enjoy these pictures of George, me, and my new bike!!

Oh yeah, almost forgot....I am down to 429 from 455!! Another weigh in tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Don't have much time, but wanted to share a few things....
I have lost 23.5 pounds since Jan. 4th. Down from 455 to 431.5! Pants are getting too big, time to shop for some smaller jeans! Hooray! I've been doing my best to put in 1-2 miles per day walking and have kept my caloric intake in order. 900-1400 calories per day. I'll update more later with some big news!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ups and downs...

Well, I weighed in yesterday(Friday). I had lost another 3 pounds! That makes the total 18.5 pounds since Jan. 4th. I feel kinda blah about it though. While I still have the passion and drive to keep going, I feel a tad let down that it was only 3. I know that there will be ups and downs, and I figure I didn't lose more 'cuz I didn't walk for a week. I made up for it Thursday-at lunch, George Flickinger and I walked the track that is near my work. We clocked 1.25 miles! That was more than I had walked at one time in many years! My foot hurt the rest of the day though. Then, after supper, Stenton, Chrissy, Michelle and I went to the rec center and walked another mile! Total distance Thursday=2.25 miles!! That might not seem like much for you, but it is a HUGE milestone for me!!
Friday I didn't walk in order to rest my foot. Go and google sesamoiditis and you'll understand about my foot. I will walk today. In fact, I might do another 2 miles. I cannot let my foot be an excuse for me not walking! I am also waiting anxiously on my bike that my good friend George is getting outfitted for me. Can't wait!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Feel the Burn!

Well, Tuesday I had my weigh-in. Down to 440! That's 15-1/2 pounds in a week! Walked 2.25 miles total yesterday! Didn't think it was in me:-) My foot was killing me last night but this morning it feels a lot better. Looking forward to getting my bicycle soon! I have so many friends rooting for me and helping me-love you guys and thank YOU for caring about me! I weigh in today so stay tuned....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Incredible Shrinking Jeff!

Sorry to have left you behind, I had a very busy weekend. Let me catch you up to date.
I weighed-in Friday morning (yes, on the freight scales) I came in at 447. I stepped off then on again to double check. Yes, I had lost 8-1/2 pounds! I did the happy fat man dance! I tried to walk but it was too cold outside and I have no serious winter gear so I walked about a block before giving up…lol. Friday was a good day.

Calories consumed=1100

Saturday was filled with busy-ness. I was up at 6:00AM and planned on visiting a fellow youth pastor but things didn’t work out so I became a couch potato for a couple of hours. Worked in the house for a bit then went to mom’s and cleaned out her garage in preparation for a new garage door opener so she could drive into the garage instead of having to get out in the cold to get to her car. Didn’t get to walk but was on my feet most of the day.

Calories consumed=1100

Sunday started with church, then part of a Subway 6”chicken breast sandwich. About three bites into it I bit into a chicken bone. There’s not much worse for me than to bite into chicken bones. I will probably be scarred for life (and will definitely avoid Subway processed chicken breasts). I guess there’s Black Forest Ham…sigh. I ate a few healthy snacks and out to mom’s again to install the garage door opener. Stenton and I worked until evening service time and went back to church-still had a few things to get the garage door opener functional. No walk again-getting frustrated, missing my walks!

Calories consumed=1200

Monday was a typical Monday. Came to work, went home to a hot meal and back to mom’s. Finished the opener and got her car inside. Having a car inside a garage is a true accomplishment for a Smith:-0 Again, no walking….
Calories consumed=1200

I’ll give you a teaser for today… weigh-in this morning I did another fat man happy….later!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Weigh in time!

Today was weigh in. I lost 8-1/2 pounds since Tuesday!!! More later....

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Ok, hit my calorie goal-1500. I have been stuffed all day. It's weird but being full with junk food doesn't last very long but when you're full of healthy food,you stay full longer. Also did my walk-.8 mile. It's getting easier!!

---from my Facebook post a few minutes ago. I think I can do this thing!! I ate and ate and ate today and only ended up at 1,500 calories! You might think that's a lot but remember, I weigh 455 pounds!! They say I need about 2600 calories for a man my size to lose 2 pounds a week. I'm trying to limit myself to 1500.

Also walked again tonight--another .8 of a mile. It's not as bad as it was Tuesday. I can feel muscles beginning to awaken! Hoping my bike will be ready soon!

Breakfast-cereal-175 cals
-yogurt-80 cals

lunch-carrots-70 cals

snacks-apples & grapes-40
-apples & peanut butter snack-150 cals
-yogurt-80 cals
-carrots-70 cals

supper-Turkey breast, green beans, broccoli & cheese, and mashed potatoes-850 cals

snack-yougurt-80 cals
-milk-137 cals

Total-1732 calories
Less walking burned 235 calories
Net caloric intake-1497

Gonna weigh tomorrow...pray for me!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another day, another success!

I'm learning to take this one day at a time, hoping and praying that my newfound enthusiasm remains at this level. Today I felt better, had a little fatigue this afternoon but not too bad. I know it's crazy, but I feel like I lost weight between yesterday and today. Funny, huh? I have made a decision to weigh on Tuesdays and Fridays. I will let you know what happens Friday. Here's my stats for today:

Breakfast-1 bowl Rice Crispies=175 calories

Lunch- 6" Chicken Breast sub from Subway=300 calories
Bowl of Chicken noodle soup=80 calories

Supper- salad w/ chicken breast, 2 tbsp lite ranch, 10 croutons, pepper, and cucumbers=200 calories

Snack- 2 containers yougurt= 160 calories

Total caloric intake=915
Exercise-25 minute walk=-235 calories
Net cals=680

Not enough?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Started off rough but.....

Walked for 25 minutes tonight. Not sure how far, but Chrissy, Stenton and I did a lap around Dixie Estates!! Lower back hurt but is better....and I now can breathe(after ten

Well, I did it! Two milestones today. I walked, and I weighed. I don't have a regular scale-I have to weigh on a freight scale at work. Do you know how embarassing that is? As my good friend Andy put it, I'd rather be embarassed that dead. True....

Let me take you step by step through today:
Had an early sales meeting and the boss provides Merritt's Bakery for breakfast. They have these irresistable sausage rolls....I had 2 on the way in, and 2 on the way out. Figured about 1,000 calories worth. I felt horrible!
Then I got my nerve up just before going to lunch and found our highly accurate freight scales and weighed. Shocked I was, to say the least--455 lbs.!!! That's a lotta me:( I went to my truck and fell asleep listening to praise music, fully depressed. No lunch..

I ate a apple/grape bowl for a snack mid-afternoon like yesterday. I sat at 1100 calories.

Supper was a can of corn, warmed in the microwave. Figured 260 calories. Then ate a bowl of cereal=200 calories.

Figured the walk shed 235 calories for a net of 1330 calories. For a day that started rough, I can't say that it ended badly, huh??

Oh yeah, watched the 2 hour premiere of Biggest Loser tonight All I can say to the 455 pounds is goodbye!! I'll weigh again on Friday. Stay tuned!!

Soda count since Jan 1=0
Fries count since Jan 1=0

Monday, January 3, 2011

Today was a good day....

According to the Myfitnesspal app my goal was 2690 calories. Today I consumed about 1250. I even walked through Wal-Mart 15-20 minutes at a healthy pace (knocking over the old people gabbing in the aisles).....just kidding about the last part:-) Today was a good day.

This was my Facebook status that I posted a few minutes ago. I downloaded an app called Myfitnesspal and I had to input my height, weight, exercise amount, weight loss goal, and age and it spit out a daily caloric intake of 2690! I'm not too sure about its calculations but here's the thing: by my best estimate, I only ate about 1250 calories today. I have heard that if you restrict your caloric intake too much, you slow your metabolism way down and end up gaining weight. Man, this stuff is complicated. Here is my Monday diet:

Breakfast-1 small container of grapes from QT and a Perrier water(love me some Perrier water!)

Lunch-Subway 6" Black Forest Ham on 9 grain oat bread w/ lettuce, extra tomatoes, pickles, mustard, and oregano. No chips and a bottle of water.

Mid-pm snack-1 pkg apple slices and grapes. More water...

Dinner-baked potato from Wendy's with 1 pat of butter, no sour cream and 1 med. bowl of chili. No drink

Evening snack-1 peanut butter sandwich and a glass of 2% milk.

NO soda, caffeine, fries, chips, ice cream, desserts.

So, whaddya think?

2011 here I come!!

Ok folks, I have a renewed desire to lose weight. I have been off the wagon (eating habit-wise) for a while now. It's time to put up or shut up. I have resolved this year to lose 100 pounds, no matter what. Here's the plan:
1. Eliminate soda and sugary drinks (usually had 2-3 Cokes per day)
2. Eliminate fries & chips, make more smart eating decisions
3. A good friend is getting a heavy duty bicycle ready for me to use(he said I could have it as long as I rode)--that's a real friend!! (Walking is difficult due to sesamoiditis in my left foot)

Ok, you also must know the facts:
40 years old, come from a family plagued with heart disease
Borderline high blood pressure
Classified as morbidly obese (6'2", 435-440, BMI 56)
Extremely out of shape(hard to walk up 1 flight of stairs but can do without resting)
Suffer from asthma(on daily meds to help)
Snore loudly and hardly ever feel rested after 6-8 hours of sleep(probably have sleep apnea as well)
Maintain a busy lifestyle despite all of this

So, if you are one of my many friends that have tried to help me lose weight and been disappointed with my failures, I am sorry-please forgive me. I need all my friends, this will be the fight of my life, the fight FOR my life.